Monday, November 20, 2017

Not a Good Day

Could I just forget this day happened?
Or maybe ask for a do-over. It really hasn't been a super day.

This afternoon I decided to spend some time turning a bowl out of a bowl blank of red cedar. I had used a paper joint to glue a glue block to the bowl blank. The glue block had a faceplate screwed on. When I attached it to the lathe, I asked John to leave the work shop while I turned on the lathe and made sure the paper joint would hold. There was a loud sound, then the bowl blank came off and hit wall behind the lathe. This is what the "injured wall" looked like.

At least only the drywall was injured, not John or me or the window in the door to the shop.

Next, I thought I would turn a pen. I loaded the pen blank on the mandrel and turned it. When I checked to see how much further I had to go, I discovered the hole for the tube must not have been straight into the pen blank. The turned item was round but on one side there was plenty of wood left, on the other side I had bare copper tubing. D***, double ***. I cleaned up the shop and went in the house and turned on my computer.

But the damage wasn't done yet. While cooking dinner, I removed a pan from one of the burners on the stove but I neglected to turn off the burner AND I inadvertently pushed a plastic storage container onto the burner. This is the mess I made.

I would really like a do-over on this day. Or maybe I should stick to ordering take-out and working on my computer.

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