Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Helpful Folks

We didn't have a good start to this day. We were no more than 2 miles from Utah's Sand Hollow State Park, where we had spent the past two nights, when we realized the right (or passenger side or curb side) front hydraulic landing gear was inching its way to the ground. Two travels ago, I had hear a new metallic sound and realized that landing gear was dragging on the ground. Not good!!

Then, the next time we towed the trailer, nothing happened.

Today, we stopped several times in the first 5 miles of our trip to again raise that leg.

We finally pulled to the side of the road in Hurricane and called CoachNet. After giving our location and explaining the problem, they promised a technician would call us. We had called them for help once before and were able to talk to a technician within just a few minutes. This time, it was 20 or 30 minutes later when a Hurricane police officer stopped to see if we had a problem. After learning of our issue, he told us there was a large RV dealer about 3 miles in the opposite direction. He helped us find a place to turn around (not easy with a 36-ft trailer in tow) and helped us find Nielson's RV. We turned in and went inside.

Dennis, a technician in their service department, came out to see what the problem was.

He tightened all the hydraulic lines, had us run the front landing gear up and down a few times to purge the air from the line, and finally pronounced the problem fixed. We asked what we owed and he said, "nothing." Amazing.

We then drove 160 miles north to Richfield with no problems. I did keep looking in the rear view mirror to be sure the leg was staying up. Something I will be doing for several days' travel. But, for now at least, it appears the problem is fixed. Thanks to a helpful policeman and a knowledgeable RV technician. We are so grateful for people like them. Thank you, officer. Thank you, Dennis.


  1. Isn't it just wonderful when good Samaritans appear?

  2. What a weird thing to go wrong, but a happy fix.

  3. What a weird thing to go wrong, but a happy fix.

  4. What a weird thing to go wrong, but a happy fix.