Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A Good Stop

As we travel around the country, once and a while we happen on special places--in the most unexpected locations. In mid-August we left Cortez, CO, for Utah. After checking out campgrounds in both Monticello and Blanding, we choose Blue Mountain RV in Blanding. And was it ever a good choice.

Why were we looking for a place in this area? It was within driving distance of Canyonlands, Natural Bridges and Monument Valley. We originally thought we would be able see everything in a week. But the campground was so nice and we had such a great site, we decided to stay two weeks and have some down time.

Look at this great parking spot with a huge grassy front yard and shade trees!

The park has 42 sites, but the most that were occupied at one time was 13. Look at our open view.  Obviously,  it was very quiet.

In this part of Utah, nothing is close. Actually, in Utah nothing is close. We have volunteered in the state twice and had long drives to a good grocery store or other interesting tourist sites. During our two weeks in Blanding, we drove 550 miles sightseeing. But the other option would have been to move the RV several times. And we had such a great parking spot, why move?

In addition to all this, the family that owns the park is very nice. In fact, Gary brought us vegetables from his garden and his son's garden. He also brought John a piece of grease wood after seeing the carving and walking sticks John has done. He is looking forward to seeing how he can clean up the grease wood.

As an added bonus, we got our kitty fix. A stray cat had wandered into the RV park and was being fed by various campers. The kitten was very friendly and loving. We love cats, but restrained ourselves and left it there. But not after getting and giving a lot of love.

We talked to a number of people in the park who are wandering around Utah, waiting for the weather to cool down a little in Arizona. Since that is what we are doing, we were grateful for such a great place to stay.


  1. I'm really surprised you didn't adopt that kitten. Great spot, for sure.

  2. I'm really surprised you didn't adopt that kitten. Great spot, for sure.