Saturday, September 05, 2015

Caring for Cairns

Anyone who does much hiking, especially in slick rock country, knows what a cairn it. It is a stack of stones that marks a trail. At least, that is usually the case. When we were in Green River, we saw numerous cairns along the main street in front of our RV park. We finally asked if the woman at the front desk if she knew anything about them. She said some man from the community builds them and comes every few days to rearrange them. What fun. Look at what he displayed earlier this week.

That is a lot of work. And when there is a wind storm, like we had one day while we were there, some of the cairns fall apart and the stones scatter around the base. It was fun to see what he had built for the public to see.


  1. Great shapes of stones , we had some rough time finding our way on some hikes in the willderness in the Sierra Nevada.

  2. Took a break from blogging and blog reading while we've both been working all summer. Looks like you've had a wonderful summer touring CO and now UT, brought back lots of memories of some of our favorite places out west. Safe travels to AZ.