Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Good-bye Lunch

When you live your life traveling from place to place, spending the winter here in Arizona then traveling in our home on wheels the rest of the year, we say, "good-bye for now" regularly. Monday, we had lunch with friends Barbara and Ron as they prepare to travel for the summer. We won't be leaving for a month or so.

Barbara suggested we eat at Rubio's Seafood Restaurant. We had never been there before, but it was a very good idea. I had been hearing about fish tacos for years and doubted I would like them. I was sure wrong there. I loved the salsa verde shrimp taco and will definitely plan to go there again. John had a steak taco plate, but even he liked my shrimp taco.

We probably won't see Ron and Barbara until fall, when we all return to Arizona, but it was good to have one last lunch with them before we part ways for the summer. Don't we all look like we enjoyed our lunches?


  1. Looks great, I am sure you are ready to move the minute the workshop will be done.