Thursday, April 23, 2015

A House Divided

But don't think it is the inhabitants that are divided. It is that we are living in both of our Arizona homes for the next week or so.

As you can see, our RV is parked next to our house. We plan on leaving Gold Canyon in a week or so and we want to make sure we have everything we need in the RV, so we began to move back in to it today. For six years, almost everything we own was in the RV. Now, we are back to what it was like when we only traveled part of the year. We tried to equip the house with about everything we needed to live there. But there are clothes, computer and iPad and all their accompanying accessories; files and insurance papers; phones and cameras; medicine and toiletries.

We are sure there is more we will need. And, of course, we have to use up or transfer all the food that would spoil or get out of date use by October when we return. When we did this more regularly, we would spend a day or two at a nearby state park, checking to see we hadn't forgotten anything. But we are out of practice. Plus, we don't have the room in the house where we can spend a couple of weeks accumulating what we need. So, by trial and error, we will live in the trailer while trying to remember everything we need. We will make lots of trips in and out of the house, I am sure. Hopefully, we won't find in a month or two there is something we really can't live without and can't buy. We'll see.


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  2. I am jealous....great set up ,now you can relax and enjoy.
    Send me your e-mail so we can coordinate a meeting in July.