Sunday, February 19, 2012

Friends--Virtual No Longer

For more than a year, we have been following Jim and Gayle's blog. Last spring, they were exploring southern New Mexico, just like we were. Eventually, we were in the same state park and we hoped to meet them. However, our 5th-wheel landing gear stopped working and we had to go on to Albuquerque to get it fixed. The day we planned to move into the same campground they were in, instead we stopped for gas on our way north and watched them drive down the road. An opportunity missed.

But then, as we headed to the Rio Grande Valley last month, we learned they, too, were in the area. Yesterday we met them at Carino's in Pharr for lunch. We didn't stop talking and sharing our adventures for two and a half hours. Now they are living, breathing friends, not just virtual friends.

Yesterday afternoon, the sun came out. That was a big deal. And it is still shining today. But many--it seems like most--of the days this month have been cloudy and rainy. Those of us who spend most of our time in Colorado and Phoenix aren't used to this. The rain has encouraged the trees to begin greening up. This Sugar Hackberry tree is next to our trailer. When we moved here last month, it was entirely bare. Look at it today.

With rain comes the mushrooms. Aren't these pretty?

This Huisache (pronounced wee-sache) tree is near our trailer. It is covered with blooms.

This Queen butterfly (I think) was attracted to the flowers.

The Rio Grande Valley is a rich agricultural area with farmers raising many different vegetables, as well as sugar cane. They have been harvesting cabbage since we arrived and we saw some sugar cane at the vegetable market yesterday, so they must be harvesting it somewhere. Today I watched this crop duster working a field just down the road. He (or she) flies sooo close to the ground!

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