Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fun, Then Work

Last week cyber friends Art and Connie came over for lunch. They, too, are full-time RVers and we follow each other's blogs. They just settled in Mesa for a four-month work camping assignment. We first met them in person in April 2010 when we were all in Texas.

Wednesday we spent almost four hours talking, sharing experiences and information and laughing--we laughed a lot. It was a good visit.

But life can't be all fun and games. Since the day we arrived here in Mesa, we have intended to wash the roof and sides of the RV. We were just waiting till it cooled down enough. Then till it warmed up enough. You know how it is with good intentions, don't you?

Finally, Saturday came and the temperature was supposed to be in the upper 60s, with sun. After our 3-mile run, we got out the soap and the hose and the rags. First we washed the truck and John polished it.

Next came the RV. I use a small brush to clean around all the seams and trim. John went up on the roof first, to wash it off.

The water here in Arizona--and it many other places that don't have snow runoff as the source of the city water--has many minerals in it. We have noticed that the commercial companies that power wash RVs and park models wipe the surfaces dry so the water doesn't leave a scum. I didn't use a ladder and rags to dry the RV, but I did use the window squeegee to clean off most of the excess water. The rig looks great now.

We are really glad we finally carried out our good intentions. But we were exhausted at the end of the day.

It has been very cool here, at least for Phoenix. I have shown pictures of two figures that some residents here have outside their park model to entertain those driving by. Sometimes these figures wave "hi," sometimes they are eating or cleaning the windows. This week they are wrapped in towels to keep warm. We just love them.

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  1. You've inspired me to get cleaning...especially after having the head mechanic at our last repair stop tell me that lack of proper maintenance can limit our warranty. Now how do I get my husband inspired? :]