Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of the Year

We really enjoyed the folks we ate with Christmas Day at the VDO Christmas dinner.

We had chosen a table in a small side room off the main ballroom, hoping it wouldn't be quite so loud and John (with his hearing aides) could hear better. And it worked.

Thursday we picked up my new glasses. Since we arrived during the lunch hour and they were closed, we spent some time looking at airplanes nearby. The optometrist's office is next to Falcon Field, a small-plane airport. This old plane looks like it might have been from World War II.

There also was a company that manufactures and repairs helicopters. Tthis one won't be going anywhere soon.

We watched this chopper land and refuel.

We felt like we were in a time warp when we saw this restored Ford convertible. Is it a 1955 model?

Friday we took one last hike in the Sonoran Desert at Usery Mountain Regional Park. The desert is so pretty there.

The cholla and saguaro are great.

Most trails in the park are multi-use, so in addition to other hikers, we encountered people on horseback.

And mountain bikers.

When it was quiet, John tried out the binoculars we bought ourselves for Christmas. We will be doing a lot of bird watching at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, so we needed a second pair. They give a better view than our old, smaller pair.

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