Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Florida or Arizona?

I thought we were in Arizona, but today I wonder if we have somehow been transported to Florida. Here is a view down the street in front of our RV as the sun was setting today.

And one of the runoff holding ponds.

What do you suppose Fido thinks of this dog run? The water from the street goes right though the grass to reach the holding pond above.

They are supposedly building pickle ball courts in this area. I think they will have to start all over when this rain stops. It has been raining almost non-stop since late yesterday afternoon. The only letup was for about 2 hours this afternoon.

This street looks more like a lake than a street.

See the rose garden on the left that I posted about a couple of weeks ago? Then entire depression to the east of the flower bed is a huge lake. Waterfront garden maybe?

A new patio area is being built here. But water is pouring into the depression. I am sure they will have a lot of work getting it ready for plantings that will hold the slopes in place.

Despite the weather, we met some friends for a late breakfast/early lunch at IHOP. We worked with Willie and Vera two winters ago at Casa Grande Ruins National Monument. It sure was good to see them again and catch up on our lives. A great visit on a rainy day.

Despite the cold and rain, our friends here are putting up their Christmas decorations.

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