Monday, September 19, 2011

Time with Family and Friends

The last week or two we have had some great time with family and friends. Saturday we spent the day with Eric and his family. In the morning, we attended Kylie's lacrosse game. This is her first season to play this sport and our first time to watch a game.

As we were leaving Chatfield State Park (where we are parked for two weeks), we saw this hot air balloon launching. For my 60th birthday, John arranged a balloon ride out of Chatfield. It was a lot of fun. Every weekend, unless it is stormy, you see the balloonists here.

We could even see the people in the basket.

The team members that weren't on the field had a good time together on the sidelines. Kylie is facing the camera, sitting right in front of the center of the umbrella.

Kylie played in two games Saturday. During the first game, her position meant she moved the ball up and down the field. In the game we watched, her position was in a line in front of the goal. Every team member wore a protective eye protector that is like a kind to wire cage.

Kylie says the lacrosse ball is really hard rubber. Look at the what the goalie wears.

Now you know everything we know about the game of lacrosse.

Saturday evening we took some steaks to Eric and Liz's house. Would you look at what Eric and John cooked for four adults and three children! For those of you in the Denver area, they came from Tony's Market.

Kylie and her friend, Caitlin, Liz and John are working on the rest of the meal.

Last week friends Dick and Nina were parked near us in Cherry Creek State Park. Nina recently had rotator cuff surgery. It was good to have time for a good visit.

One evening we got together with them for dinner. Doesn't the meal look good? And more reasonable that the steaks we ate Saturday?

Today John and I drove to Cinzetti's Restaurant on the north side of Denver to meet our friend Verlene, who lives in Greeley. We really enjoyed our time together. We only see each other every year or two, so it was a real treat.

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