Friday, September 09, 2011

Hopefully, This Will Help

Today I had a follow-up visit with the surgeon who operated on my knee. Three weeks ago, I thought I was doing so well. I reported here that I had been able to run a little bit. But those attempts led to swelling and discomfort. I tried again earlier this week and my knee was swollen and sore for more than two days. The doctor thinks it is because of the arthritis in the joint. The surgery didn't address that. So he gave me a cortisone shot. Best case, it will give me several months of comfort and the ability to get back to jogging. I sure hope so.

After that appointment we drove back to Denver and visited the new IKEA store on the south edge of the metro area--very near where our house (which we rent to others) is located. We first visited an IKEA store in Phoenix, but wanted to check this one out, too. It was mobbed. It hasn't been open very long, so I imagine that lots of people are coming for their first visit. But it looked like most of them came to buy! The aisles were crowded, mainly with young families. As we looked at the merchandise, we realized this would be a great place to choose furnishings for a first home.

They have display rooms set up for small homes of 500+, 300+ and 260 square feet. In years to come, if or when we move back into a house that doesn't have wheels, we can really see getting something 500 square feet or smaller. We live in 300+ now. Why would we need anything bigger?


  1. Good to hear you knee is getting better, those cortisone shots are really a miracle. Hope all goes well. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. The beauty of living in an RV is it makes you realize you don't need a big house. When we settle down again it will definitely be in something small.
    Hope your knee feels better soon. The cortisone injection sure helped my racquetball elbow years ago.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your knee. Hope the shot helps. I'm going to have to see those display rooms. Interesting.