Monday, September 12, 2011

A First for Us

Saturday was a first. We have watched our children and now grandchildren swim and play soccer and basketball. Saturday we watched our six-year-old grandson play football. From this viewpoint, the Patriots could be any size or age. The player second from the left is our grandson John.

The coaches rotate the players on and off the field. Here is John sitting on the bench. See the two green dots on the back of his helmet? They indicate that, because of his weight, he is not allowed to carry the ball or tackle a player carrying the ball. This is done to assure that players are fairly well matched by weight on plays during the game.

Looking at this photo, you get some perspective on the little fellows' age and size. This was just their second regular game ever. They play four 15-minute quarters. But the field is just 60 yards long, not 100.

John's position is line backer (I think, I'm not much of a footfall fan). He does know what he is to do in that position--stop the guy on the other team who he faces at the line of scrimmage.

Here is a very short video of these two faithfully doing what the coaches told them to do. They carry out their mission until the whistle blows, indicating that the play is over.

During the half time, the coaches talked to the players, both as a group and individually.

Then it is back to the playing field.

At the end of the game, all the family and friends watching the game form a tunnel and the players run between them, listening to the cheers and praise. Here are John and our granddaughter Kylie getting in place.

And the players running in.

When John finally removed his helmet at the end of the game, he looked liked it had been a good afternoon in his mind.

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