Wednesday, June 15, 2011

High School Reunion

Last weekend we attended my 50th high school reunion. I graduated in a class of 908 students in 1961 from South High School in Denver. For many reasons, I didn’t know very many of my classmates well. Outside of class time, my friendships and time revolved around my Methodist Youth Fellowship and my 4H club activities. Since graduation, I have remained in contact with only one classmate.

This is the front entrance of the school. It hasn't changed since I was there.

Thank heavens our reunion name tags had our senior high school annual photos. That helped me see if I had known someone in the past or not. Attending the reunion was more about the event and my memories of the school than about the people. I believe marking special events, whether they are graduations, funerals or reunions, is an important aspect of life. That is why we arranged our schedule this summer so we could attend.

Most of the 200 or so graduates that attended spent the time looking at name tags to see if we recognized someone, then trying to establish how we had known each other. Unfortunately, the first evening several people looked at my picture and said, “I remember you!” And all I could reply was, “Your picture looks familiar,” or “I remember your name.” Oh well. It has been 50 years.

Saturday evening at the banquet we sat with five others—three graduates and two wives. We spent most of the evening talking about our lives since high school, which made it much easier to connect.

John took this photo of me with Don, Jan and Bob.

And this one of Carole, Dick, Don and Jan. All five didn't fit in one photo, so Dan and Jan are there twice.

It was a fun evening. We also heard a talk by the current principal of South and it was amazing to learn how much the school and the student body have changed. I’ll just mention two facts—we didn’t even know what computers were in 1961 and this year they have 275 graduates, compared to our 908.

It was daunting to look around the room and realize how old we had all become in 50 years. I may look that old, but I don’t feel it. We did clean up pretty well for the event, I think.

All in all, I am glad we made the effort to attend. It was worth it. Later this summer, we will attend John’s 50th reunion. But I think I may skip the 50th college reunion in four years.

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  1. My 50th from North Denver HS was five years back. I did not attend. A group photo was sent via e mail as an option to purchase for $25 ! I declined. I didn't identify one of the old folks in that photo. At the 25th reunion, which I did attend, I was able to identify quite a few. However, more knew me by my name as I was active in many stage productions. I in turn, could not identify them. I have not been in touch with graduates from any of my schools. And so it is.