Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Flight East

Monday morning---early Monday morning--we were up (at 3 am) to leave at 4 am for Denver International Airport. We spent Sunday night at our son Eric's home, enjoying some time with him, Liz, Kylie and John. Eric drove us to DIA for the 7:05 flight, providing a parking space for our truck while we are gone and saving us a shuttle ride to catch our plane. The view out of the concourse was a foggy one.

The US Airways flight was heading town the tarmac for take-off at exactly 7:05 am. How prompt was that?

We had a layover in Philadelphia, where we had a quick lunch then hurried to the gate for the 1:50 pm flight to Manchester, NH. We shouldn't have hurried. This was the waiting area when we arrived a little before 1:20, the supposed boarding time. One flight was delayed while waiting for a crew member to arrive and the flight leaving from our gate was delayed for maintenance.

Finally, both of those flights pulled out and the waiting area improved.

Our gate was number 36, which you can see in the above picture. At 2:29 (remember the 1:50 flight time?), they posted this sign.

Thirteen minutes later (who was keeping track, do you suppose?) we started boarding and we took off about 3 pm, just over 1 hour late. This was one view out the window as we flew north. Several boats were out, enjoying the Memorial Day Holiday.

A few minutes later, we flew over New York City.

As we descended for landing in Manchester, we saw the beautiful forests and lakes of New Hampshire.

After renting a car, we spent a fun evening with our granddaughters, Sami and Rachal.

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  1. Great to be with the Grands and family, enjoy your holiday, we are looking forward to a couple weeks of vacation in June.Taking the fiver to Il, & Wisconsin.Be safe out there, Sam & Donna.