Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Over the Father's Day weekend, our younger son, Eric, and his family camped at Lathrop State Park so they could celebrate with us. We had a fun time. Kylie, 11, showed me the new colored wires on her braces. I think she liked the wires but wasn't very wild about the rubber bands she has to use except while eating.

Saturday evening Eric brought barbequed ribs for dinner. We enjoyed them in the yard at our trailer. We had a fun evening together while sharing good food. Since we hadn't been with them for Mother's Day or my birthday, the weekend was a combined celebration of several events. That's is why Eric and Liz fed us both dinners and one breakfast.

Sunday morning we went to their camp site in the regular campground. It was good to be able to have Holy Communion with them there. When Eric and Liz were dating and in the early years of their marriage, John was priest at the church all of us attended. We miss worshiping together, so times like this are special.

Grandson John's birthday is at the end of this week, so we gave him a gift while he was visiting.

We spent a windy afternoon on the shore of Horseshoe Lake here at Lathrop. The three guys in the family did most of the fishing.

Kylie, John and their dog Ziggy spent some time wading in the lake.

We ended the day back at their campsite, where Eric and Liz prepared a steak dinner. Yum!

What fun to have family close, at least part of the year.

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  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog.
    We are spending some time with our youngest son in Toronto till Saturday and then will drive to where our RIG is stored,get it ready and hit the road.
    Have a GREAT summer.