Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wind, Wind...

go away. Come back when we're gone.

We often had to contend with wind in Arizona. But nothing like what we have experienced since coming to New Mexico. When storms pass to the north--with rain and snow--the southern parts of both states experience wind. Since Saturday it hasn't stopped. On the TV news last night, they told viewers to take in any loose items in the yard and be prepared.
It was blowing when we woke up this morning.
It has been blowing all day.
It is still blowing.
As I write, Weather Underground says the speed is 9 mph. I don't believe it. It was in the 20s during dinner. We have had gusts up to 61 mph. Thankfully, the wind is hitting the rear of the RV, not the side, or we would really be shaking.

Because of the wind, it was a good day to stay indoors--except for our run this morning and a short trip to town.

We get our internet, most of the time, from a Verizon wireless broadband card. We were eligible for our "New Every Two" upgrade, so we visited the Verizon store. This is what we got.

It is a 4G MiFi device, meaning we can have up to five devices using the internet at a time. We have three--two laptops and an ipad. Who knows when we will be in a location to get 4G service, but at least we are up to date. In the photo, it is plugged in to charge the battery. So much so, the folks in the store didn't know that we wouldn't need to download software to connect!

And the best news is, it is free. We paid $53 today, but we receive a $50 rebate. I'd say $3 is free. Not bad, huh?

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