Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Street Fair in Tucson

Last weekend we attended the 4th Avenue Art Fair in downtown Tucson. Several blocks of this shopping area, which looks like it is a throwback to the 1960s,

were filled with buskers, like these fellows beating our music on their trash cans;

this singing group;

and these duos:

Items for sale included these vegetable figures,

John's favorite, Duct Tape Creations:

and doggie hats. The vendor said the hounds weren't sleeping, they were working as models.

We consumed our excellent plates of fish and chips and our Bud Lites in metal bottles while sitting in the hot sun.

Other interesting sights included this Tucson policeman on a Segway,

free water and snacks being distributed by event staff to the vendors,

an incredible balloon hat creation,

unique goggles on this t-shirt vendor,

and this sweet little girl in sunglasses and pink shirt and hat.

It was a fun day.


  1. A three-wheeled segway? Never saw one of those. You guys go to the most interesting places.

  2. Travel and vend, onward.