Friday, March 04, 2011

The Last Next Big Thing

This week on the evening news we heard that the "Next Big Thing" had just been unveiled--the i pad 2. You know what? A week and a half ago we received our new i pad--the first version! If only we had known. I am sure our purchase would have been less expensive if we had just waited a couple of weeks. But we aren't geeks enough to have any idea an updated model was about to be released.

That said, our i pad is great! The initial set up was a little frustrating for John. See that concentration?

But, by evening, he was using it with ease, exploring new apps, reading email.

It is so fast! We don't know why it is so much easier to get the email on the i pad, but it is. John loves surfing the web with it. Our granddaughter suggested a couple of games we could play. Angry Birds is a real test.

I downloaded an ereader app and have downloaded a free book to see if this device would be a substitute Nook or Kindle. We realize that some day most books will be electronic, not paper. I mourn that. But I want to be able to cope when the time comes. So far, I haven't used the i pad as a reader enough to know if I like it or not.

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  1. Enjoy your new iPad...there is no way (unless you are extremely wealthy I suppose) to keep up with changing technology. What you buy today is out of date tomorrow. You can download a Nook or Kindle app for free - I have both on my iPhone. Sure would like to buy an iPad soon.