Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Desert Critters and Plants

Tuesday, after eating pancakes at St. Michael's Episcopal Church (it was Shrove Tuesday, you know), we drove to Tucson to visit the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum. This is a wonderful facility that provides insight into all aspects of the desert, from reptiles to birds to mammals to cacti to trees. A good number of the larger animals were taking their naps, but we did find a few awake. The birds were also awake. First thing we encountered was this screech owl.

In the hummingbird enclosure, at least two females were sitting on eggs in the nest. Isn't this a cute mother?

I was really impressed with this majestic big horn sheep.

This Mexican wolf was another large mammal that was active. Look at how big it is!

The black-tailed prairie dogs also were active. They are so cute.

This fox was taking a nap. It must not like the rocky surface or cold weather. Look at the heat lamp and furry blanket.

I think javelina are fascinating animals. Unfortunately, they were asleep in the shade. But I think you will be able to see them if you click on the photo to enlarge it.

It is too early for most of the cacti to be blooming, but this pincushion cactus was starting to put out flowers.

I had never heard of a bishop's miter cactus. Isn't it interesting?

And if trying to keep all the different plant names straight drives you bonkers, here is the cactus for you: the bonker hedgehog cactus.

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