Sunday, February 20, 2011

Family Time in Arizona

Our son Eric and his family drove down to Arizona for the Presidents' Day Weekend. His wife Liz's sister has a house in Fountain Hills, so when we got off work Friday afternoon we drove up there to see them. Kylie and John headed to the hot tub and pool on the back patio as soon as we arrived. Here they are with their dad.

Later in the evening all of us enjoyed the warm water. Here are the tree generations of men.

We enjoyed this view before dinner.

After Eric and John cooked some steaks, Eric brought them to the table and we enjoyed a great meal.

As we sang happy birthday to John (his birthday was on Saturday) he looks like he's thinking, "What do I do with this cake now?"

Later, Kylie sang a rap song she had written. What fun to watch her!

Could any Papa want more than this on the morning of his 68th birthday?

After more hot tub time, we drove to downtown Fountain Hills to see the fountain.

We hiked up the Lake View Trail to watch the hourly fountain eruption. It was good we enjoyed the hike. When the wind is over 10 mph, the fountain doesn't go off--a fact we didn't realize until we finished the hike.

Eric's smart phone has lots of bells and whistles, including being able to find nearby geocaches. Here are Eric, Liz and I watching Kylie and John uncover the cache.

This wonderful tree is located in the park around the Fountain Hills lake. Kylie was the first one to climb it.

When Eric went up there, Kylie went again, too. I love this picture of the two of them.

Kylie's shoes are the height of pre-teen fashion.

Then they took us to In-N-Out for lunch. Liz worked in California for several years and it is her favorite hamburger place.

Lots of people agree with her. Can you believe this line at 1:30 in the afternoon?

They give their hats to anyone interested. So John received one for his birthday. I'm not sure he was happy about that.

I had to try it on, also.

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