Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fun Family Weekend

We did more this weekend than just de-stuff. We had a great day with our family on Saturday. As we drove out of Chatfield State Park, where we are staying for two weeks, we saw some hot air balloons going up. They are so colorful and we love to look at them.

On close examination, we discovered these didn't have baskets hanging down. We could see a person's legs and realized they were something like ultra-lite planes, accommodating only one person.

We must be on the same time schedule as someone else near the park. Both Saturday and Sunday when we pulled out onto the highway, we spotted "Doowop2."

He must have fun driving this little car around.

After all the furniture was moved on Saturday, we drove across town to watch Kylie's soccer game. She is #72 in the white uniform. Boy does she do a lot of running during the game! All the girls really kick up their heels as they race across the field.

Here Kylie is racing a girl from the other team for the ball.

I wonder if this St. Bernard was interested in the game or the bagels?

In the evening, we went to Eric and Liz's for dinner to celebrate the birthdays and Father's and Mother's Days that we hadn't been together because we live on the road. It was a beautiful evening and we had so much fun with our family. John spent a lot of time wrestling with grandson John.

This is the dessert tray Kylie served us. The bottom plate is full of sweets they bought at Tony's Market, the specialty food store we love and the supplier of the tender rib eye steaks we had for dinner. The top plate has Kylie's creation--chocolate roll-ups. They were really good and we hope she makes them for us again.

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