Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Celebrating With Old Friends

Saturday evening we had a great time visiting with old friends and celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of St. Gabriel the Archangel Episcopal Church in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. The celebration was something we planned our travels around this year and we weren't disappointed with that decision.

For nearly six years, late 1991 to mid-1997, John was rector of that parish, which was organized in the Denver suburbs in 1960. During our time there we formed close relationships with numerous people and were honored to be a part of the lives of many more. It was a rewarding period of ministry for both of us. The church grew in both numbers and commitment during those years.

One of many people John talked to during the evening.

This anniversary gave us the opportunity to reconnect with many of the people we knew during that time. We were able to share memories, as well as catch up on what has happened in all our lives during the past 13 years. The evening included a social hour and dinner for 170 people, filling the parish hall to capacity. It was followed by a beautiful service of Evensong.

Mariachi singers entertaining during the social hour.

The colorful parish hall.

Our time at St. Gabriel's was possibly the high point of John's ordained ministry. We have missed seeing the people we knew there and had a wonderful time meeting with them again. The congregation has continued to develop and we all could celebrate our time together and what they have done since we left. Retirement gives us the time and the freedom to look back and appreciate what we have done in the past.

During our three weeks in the Denver area, we have worshiped two Sundays at that church, attending once at the 10:15 service and once at the 8, and this week we went out to breakfast with friends from the congregation after the service.

Now we are headed south out of Colorado--although slowly because it is still way too hot in Arizona to go there. We have had a fun, rewarding and productive three weeks here in the Denver area.

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  1. It looks like a lovely gathering. It is nice to celebrate these milestone. It takes a lot to keep a church going for 50 years. It must be lovely to be remembered and appreciated after 13 years.