Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We Visit our East Coast Granddaughters

Since we started planning our summer 2010 travels, the destination has been to drive to Massachusetts where our son Doug and his wife and daughters live. This week we made it there and had two delightful visits with them—especially with our granddaughters. As anyone who has grandchildren knows, that is who really counts when you visit their home. Doug and Sherry have been living in Wilmington for a year and later this month they close on a home in New Hampshire, just a little north of where they have been living. Their daughters are Rachal, soon to be 8, and Samantha, 6.
We haven't seen them for over a year. We were so impressed with how much they have grown up since last year, and how well both of them read. They are beautiful little girls with warm, sunny smiles.
John and Sami laughed and laughed as she read him the book, "You're Not my Mother."

And John and Rachal laughed just as much as they played a game with the sea shells we brought the girls from Florida and South Carolina.

Since we don't see them very often, we took picture after picture of them. Rachal loves her American Girl doll.

Sami was so glad to see us. She took special delight in showing me the computer game "Water Girl and Fire Boy" (I think).

As we left Monday after dinner, Rachal told John she wanted to come live with us for a year. She told me she didn't want us to leave. Isn't that exactly what grandparents want to hear?

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  1. What a lovely visit you had with your grandchildren. Wouldn't that change the dynamic of your life if you had a young girl travelling with you for a year :) She would get an education far beyond what you could get in a school.

    You are in the part of the US I know and enjoyed so much years ago.

    Surely you will not leave the area with out a visit to Mount Washington and a hike to the top. :)