Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Grass Is Always Greener

Our two cats eat different food. PC eats something created for diabetic cats. Partner eats inexpensive off-the-shelf food that I lace with lots of medicine. Both cats would rather eat from the dish prepared for the other. That means one of us has to maintain constant vigilance when both cats are eating, to make sure they consume only their own food. After the first few bites, PC eats while watching Partner out of the corner of his eye. As soon as Partner moves away from his bowl, PC turns and quickly walks to it and begins to eat. If Partner wants some of PC's food, he just walks over and pushes PC aside.

They now operate on conditioned response. The other day I picked up PCs food when he left the kitchen, but Partner kept looking for it. So I put his bowl on the tray where PC usually eats and he gobbled up his own food.

Two days ago, Partner wanted to drink water. Since the bowl is on the same tray as PC's food, he usually pushes PC out of the way eats then some of his food before he takes a drink. That day I picked up the water bowl and put in on his (Partner's) tray. Partner had his drink and left the kitchen. That triggered PC's conditioned response and he turned and hurried to the water bowl.


For us, the grass isn't always greener. If we weren't stuck here in Ashland waiting for a new air conditioner, we would be in northern Virginia or Pennsylvania right now. And today they are having tornadoes up there. We're happy with our grass right here today.


  1. I was just researching what to see in Northern Virgina on our trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway. Lot to see there. I am interested in Harper's Ferry and Monticello. I think I might try to visit Gettysburg although if I started the civil war site thing I might want more.

    Too bad our paths aren't crossing.

  2. John and Carol, I'm the secretary at John and Kendal's church in Canon City, CO so I see them pretty often. John told me about your blog and I'm so thankful that he did. I love reading your posts and following your travels and observations. I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you put into this blog! I love it.