Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Camping

Since we left Casa Grande Ruins on April 6, we have stayed in 25 campgrounds in 15 states, plus one parking lot in New York. The campgrounds are all over the map. In late April I wrote about Potters Creek Corps of Engineers campground in Texas, saying how much we loved it--large sites, good electric hookup, quiet, in touch with nature.

Not all campgrounds have those attributes. In the past nearly three months we have had only one site where the neighbors were noisy at night and interfered with our sleep. And they were a group of middle-aged women! Now we are finding the campgrounds filled with children and people building campfires in the evening. Yuk. We hate the smell of smoke and prefer to be surrounded by old fogies like ourselves if we have to be among a lot of people. I like to sleep with a window next to my bed open at night. The only things that prevent that are bright lights shining in my eyes and campfire smoke. However, these families and children have all been quiet at my bedtime.

To escape campfires, we have to seek out city campgrounds or areas with fire bans. If we work during the summer months, we don't have to deal with families and children. But we do like traveling sometimes and in many parts of the country that means we have to be out in the summer.

So what is really important? Strong, reliable electricity so we know our appliances won't be damaged by low voltage; 50-amp hookups, if possible; sites large enough to open our awning if we want; quiet neighbors; and, finally, clean restrooms. We don't use them a lot, but when we do, we want to find them clean.

It is great to see children riding their bikes and enjoying camping. But unless they are our grandchildren, we would rather be somewhere with less activity. We do remember that only adults have caused a noise problem. It really is our problem, not the other people's. If they would just stop building campfires!

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  1. I know what you mean. On one hand, I think they should ban all campfires and love to camp with nobody around. But on the other hand, I do love to see families enjoying the outdoors. I hope you're someplace good for this holiday weekend.