Sunday, October 04, 2009

A Mixed Bag

The last few days have been a mixed bag. We drove to Utah Lake State Park in Provo from our overnight stop in McCammon. We had read good reviews of the campground on The sites were very good and we found one that was very private.

Everything was fine until we stepped into the restrooms. They were filthy! We had volunteered at Kodachrome State Park in southern Utah two years ago and everything there was spotless. I guess nobody told the management at Utah Lake what was necessary. Maybe they just quit caring after Labor Day. Two days into our stay, they power washed the restrooms. But when something is really dirty, just spraying it with water doesn’t do it.

We had headed south on Monday to get away from the snow coming to Bozeman. We didn’t go far enough, fast enough. Tuesday we woke to find snow on the nearby Wasatch Mountains.

At least it didn’t accumulate at our altitude! We had quail walking through our site. What a treat!

Saturday we drove through the American Fork Canyon to the Timpanogos Cave National Monument. The drive through the canyon was beautiful with great fall colors. We didn’t go on a cave tour, but we did hike the steeeep mile-and-a-half trail to the cave entrance.

We were amazed at how many people were hiking up to go on cave tours. Many of those on the trail were families with young children. The monument will close in two weeks until next spring.

We left Utah Lake today, heading for Sand Hollow State Park near the town of Hurricane and Zion National Park. We didn’t make it that far. There is a storm coming in from the Pacific Northwest and the winds just got harder and harder. So we pulled off at Beaver and found a KOA. We almost never stay at KOA campgrounds because of the cost. We even thought our KOA card had expired. We were delighted to find out it was still in force, plus we had accumulated enough points in years past to receive both our 10% discount and an additional $10 off. So this stop only cost $23. That was a nice end to a tense 150-mile drive.

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