Monday, September 28, 2009

We're Headed South

Today we began heading south, trying to avoid the worst of the cold and wet that is headed into this part of the country. It was an interesting drive. While in south central Montana, the last farm we observed was the sugar beet harvest.

Today, as we moved into Idaho, we discovered they are in the midst of the potato harvest.

Not all the views were this clear. We were aware that there are forest fires burning in and near Yellowstone National Park. Were we ever glad we aren't staying there. This was the view out our windshield as we passed near West Yellowstone.

Along the way we saw some Sandhill Cranes feasting in a wheat field. Click on the photo to see them better.

We drove through some beautiful farm country.

We also saw a little touch of fall color that is really beautiful.


  1. I just discovered your Blog. It looks like you may have come through Idaho Falls (or near there). We have lived in Idaho Falls for 3 years after 13 years in Bailey/Shawnee, Colorado. We are not full timers, but are retired and try to get on the road as much as possible. We did 7 weeks in Canada and Alaska in 2008. Your writing style is great and informative. I will follow your travels.

    Jim and Rosie Sathe, Idaho Falls

  2. Autumn is chasing you down the road. It was 2C here this morning so it definitely feels like Fall.
    Our trees are turning but not quite at their peak.

    A number of years ago, Sandhill Cranes first showed up here in Ontario. I learned from the government biologist that they were slowing moving East expanding their range. Traditionally, they migrant in the central flyway. They are now a regular summer resident here. I have many pairs nesting on my farm. They are a stiking bird in flight and very noisy at times.