Thursday, October 15, 2009

We Walked 7 Miles

But where were we? First we drove down into the Virgin River Gorge. The rock formations along the way are very interesting. Not very colorful, but pretty in their own way.

We saw numerous caves in the walls of the gorge.

Eventually, we drove through a Joshua Tree Forest. I really find these trees fascinating. They only grow in a few areas.

Then yesterday we took a long walk. We might have been in the tropics.

Or maybe in Rome.

Or even Paris.

Do you give up? We took our walk on the Las Vegas Strip.

A year ago, we said we wouldn’t return here for several years. But Vegas makes a good stop when you are headed south on I-15. And last year I didn’t take a camera when we toured the southern part of The Strip. So we returned to get a few pictures. And eat a good buffet lunch. That was it. John did put a $1 bill in a slot machine, but he didn’t win anything. Tomorrow we go on to Arizona.


  1. OMG! We also drove through the Virgin River Gorge today! Great shots of Vegas. We went on by and are at Boulder Beach CG on Lake Mead.

  2. I caught on where you were when I saw the Bellagio Hotel. I have watched video of the water spouts to music display in front of it.

    My son and his wife go to Las Vegas once a year. My DIL like to gamble apparently. I don't drink or smoke or approve of gambling so it is no place for me.

    The canyon drive sounded interesting.