Friday, September 18, 2009

Shopping Wal-Mart

 Yesterday was very busy. After our 3-mile run (the first in over a
week), we headed to Billings. That 65-mile drive is necessary every
two or three weeks so we can get all the things we can't find in the
nearby town of Hardin, or that are more expensive there.

I think Wal-Mart is the RVers general store from long ago, with the
added advantage that things are less expensive there than almost
anywhere else. And we can find a Wal-Mart near most towns we stay in.
We have even shopped Wal-Mart in the Yukon.

The west-side Wal-Mart in Billings provides a place where we can
recycle plastic and aluminum. 7th Ranch has an aluminum can recycling
bin, but nothing for plastic. Since we buy drinking water in both
large and small plastic bottles, we are glad for the opportunity to
recycle those containers.

We can get a good number of RV supplies in the store, as well. And
their grocery department is very good.

The only downside of shopping at Wal-Mart is that the checkout lines
are almost always long—no matter where the store is located.

I know many people don't approve of this ubiquitous retailer that
often causes smaller businesses to close. But Wal-Mart provides a real
money-saving convenience to many consumers—both RVers traveling the
country and local residents who want to save money.

Yesterday, in addition to Wal-Mart we visited Pierce RV to pick up the
DVD player that was being replaced under warranty. We made a stop at
Al's Bootery to pick up some moccasins I had ordered. We bought some
items at Lowe's. And we went to Walgreens' to pick up a prescription.
When we go there, we learned they were giving flu shots, and I could
get my pneumonia shot. I wasn't able to do that at my last medical
checkup. Now we just have to wait till the swine flu vaccine is
available, and then find another Walgreens to get that shot. Medicare
sure is great—none of these shots cost us a cent.

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  1. Hi John and Carol......sorry we didn't know you were in the Custer area. We would have had you stop by to see us. It's getting pretty chilly up here so we'll be heading south on Wednesday. Maybe we'll catch you down the road somewhere. Keep on having fun.