Monday, July 13, 2009

Why We Love RVing

It has been very good to be here in the Denver area, near our stick house. We had a great visit with our son and his wife and their two children Friday. Saturday we watched our granddaughter, Kylie, compete in two events at her swim meet. We also have enjoyed shopping in familiar stores and buying food at our favorite specialty food store, Tony's Market. We bought chicken Kiev and chicken cordon blue for dinner Sunday and three pairs of New York strip steaks, which we froze for future dinners.
All of that has been good, but I think what has been best is the confirmation that we are doing the right thing in renting our house and RVing full time. We have driven through beautiful neighborhoods with lovely houses and yards. We are so glad we haven't returned to our stick house here. If it was available, we wouldn't feel right paying to stay at Chatfield State Park. Instead, we would have unpacked everything, moved back into the house, and put the RV in storage. That is a lot of work. And it is the reason we always avoided coming into Denver as we moved around. If we came to Color ado, we always made sure to go to other parts of the state. The house almost felt like a whirlpool that would suck us in if we came here.
Owning a house means there is work to do on the house or yard before we could leave again. When we first bought the house, we would fill planters with flowers and hang baskets of flowers on the patio. We worked on the gardens and updated the inside—having furniture reupholstered and installing hardwood floors and new carpet. We enjoyed entertaining and used our living room and dining room often. They we began RVing. It got to the point we were gone most or all of the summer—so no more flowers and hanging baskets. When we were gone seven or eight months of the year, the time we did spend in the house was spent catching up with family, cleaning the gutters, Christmas shopping and spending the holidays with family. We didn't have time (or, really, the inclination) to entertain much.
We are glad we are only here for a few days this time. Life in the city, living in one place all the time, doesn't appeal to us. After we take care of the house and go to the gym, there really isn't much we like to do here. Life on the road is so much more interesting. Yesterday morning we had our coffee outside, listening to the birds. In the afternoon, a thunderstorm came through. In the house, we might glance outside and see it was raining. Here, it was so loud we could do nothing but listen. That is a real treat. We can see most of the eastern and western horizons, as well as the sky to the south. We can watch the storms come in and watch them move on. All day we can hear the Western Meadowlark singing. We watch the cotton tail rabbits as we walk around the campground. Last night I woke up at about 2 a.m. to hear coyotes howling.
In short, we are so much more in touch with nature when we live in our RV. Because our living space is small, the outdoors is much more important than when we are in the stick house. We spend as much time outside as we can. We rejoice in God's creation daily during our life on the road.


  1. Carol,

    Your thoughts about RVing making you more aware of nature and the outdoors is so true and well put. It sounds like you are really enjoying the freedom of not having to go back to the house. Look forward to reading more about your adventures.

    Connie and Art

  2. It is nice to know that one really does not need a large home to live IN.

    I grew up with a family home of a
    1 1/2 story bungalow, no garage. (in a rural setting. Our family of 5 lived comfortable in it. I am flabberghasted that now a days, as families have gotten smaller, new houses have gotten bigger with three car garages. Our middle class expectations for large homes and many possessions is way out of proportion to our real needs to be happy.

  3. Great to hear stories about full-time RVers. Just moved into an older home and am wondering "Why do we have all of this stuff?"
    The local thrift store will be seeing me soon.