Thursday, July 23, 2009

Driving Through Wyoming

Last week we drove north across Wyoming, from Cheyenne to Laramie, then Casper and Sheridan. We were in the foothills and we saw many pretty places along the way. The biggest features of the drive are trains, wind farms, snow fences, cattle and antelope.

There also are a lot of cattle.

This haystack is one of a kind (not really, there were several in the field, but we had never seen one like this before.) The hay is pilled high inside a small enclosure.

We saw this unusual rock wall as we drove toward Casper.

Medicine Bow is a small town south of Casper. I liked the water tower there.

This really old building across the lot from the gas station we stopped in is the Virginian Hotel in Medicine Bow.

We spent two nights in Sheridan, a delightful small town. On Sunday we drove to the McIntyre Commons in the downtown area for our run. It was a really great area—Little Goose Creek flowed nearby, and there are gardens and nice paths and green lawns. The downtown area of Sheridan appears to be very prosperous, with no empty or run-down buildings.

We were making our way to Montana, where we will be workamping till October. I will write about that after we get settled in to our work.

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  1. I find the hay stack interesting too. There are many ways to do hay. I have used a couple of different systems in my time at farming. Loose hay can be piled outdoors as long as the top layers is smooth and acts as a roof, shedding the water. The properly cured hay inside will keep. Hay stacks were common before all the hay making machinery. Straw could be piled like this and the animals could eat it if necessary to generate heat even witout much nutritional value. I wonder how the hay was fed at this haystack. Could the animals eat at the base?
    It is very large.