Friday, July 17, 2009

What a Change!

We haven't been in a commercial RV park since April 26. This afternoon has been a shock to our systems.

These two pictures show the view out our front door and the window on the other side of the trailer this morning. We were at Curt Gowdy State Park, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

This afternoon we checked into the Casper East RV Park. This is the view from our back window.

This is a view between our trailer and the one next to us on the side of the front door. The other trailer is so close I can't take a picture looking straight at it.

Tonight we have full hookups--we have sewer, but it is so far to the back we will have to back up to use it in the morning. But it is there. We are enjoying 50-amp electric. For the last two nights at Curt Gowdy we had no hookups. These two generators provide enough electricity that we can use the microwave or one air conditioner.

Tonight we can use both air conditioners at the same time. There are trade-offs. At the state parks we have stayed at--Lathrop, Cheyenne Mountain, Chatfield and Curt Gowdy, we have privacy and great views. Sometimes we have hookups, sometimes we don't. If you look at these photos, you know why we choose state parks whenever possible.

At Curt Gowdy we were surrounded by bluebird houses and the Mountain Bluebirds were everywhere. We really enjoyed watching them and listening to them.

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  1. What a change indeed! Did you want to run out and scream "let me out of here?" We have been by ourselves as day hosts at Hobo Camp since mid-May. Just like you, it will be quite a shock to leave the area.