Friday, June 26, 2009

Snakes and Fishing and Family

This weekend we had a wonderful visit with our son, Eric, his wife, Liz, and our grandchildren, Kylie and John. They camped at Lathrop to celebrate Father’s Day with us.

Saturday night we ate dinner at our RV and we even had a campfire! That is really unusual for us. It sure helped keep us warm. Saturday evening was cool and breezy. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were warm and sunny and had just about the calmest winds we have seen in our time here. We had great weather!

Sunday, after John celebrated Holy Eucharist for all of us at their camp site, and after John and I worked for a short time, we all went for a hike. With a boy almost 4 and a 9-year-old girl, it takes a while to go 2 miles. We took turns reading the trail guide. We found a spot among the sandstone rocks to eat our lunch. Here you see Liz taking her turn, reading, and John eating lunch.

John woke up early that morning, so near the end of the hike he climbed up on his dad’s shoulders and fell asleep.

Their dog, Ziggy, got really tired, too. Is she saying, “Are we there, yet?”

All of us, including John, were wide awake a little later when Liz and Kylie heard this Diamondback Rattlesnake along the road leading from the Hogback Trail. The snake rattled it tail and hissed as it slowly backed away from us. That was our first-ever encounter with a rattlesnake. It may be hard to see, since it was in the grass.

For Sunday dinner, Eric and Liz brought steaks from our favorite specialty food store, Tony’s. They put together a great for both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, since we had not been able to get together in May. The steaks were excellent, as was the rest of the meal.

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