Friday, June 26, 2009

More Snakes, Fishing and Family

Last night, I tried to do this blog. About 2 hours into it, my internet connection cut off and I lost everything. So, today I am posting it in two parts to make sure I get it all up.

Sunday evening, Kylie and John had fun playing in the sand at the edge of Martin Lake while we were preparing dinner.

After dinner they spent some time fishing with their dad. It was a beautiful evening, but nobody caught anything.

Monday morning we biked to their campsite and spent time riding around with our grandchildren. Our trip around the campground loop was the first time John had ridden his bike without someone holding on to him—a real triumph! We had so much fun.

Next we were off to the Kid’s Fishing Pond, where Kylie and John fished some more. Then Kylie, John and Liz went to the swimming beach and Eric, John and I went fishing. Look at this great bass Eric caught.

John spent some time giving Nana and Papa kisses at this fishing spot.
Here we spotted another snake, a large Bull Snake, maybe 5 feet long. It decided we were too close and quickly beat a retreat by swimming over to a nearby tree and reaching up to a branch then climbing up the tree. We were amazed. But we didn’t get any photos.

We celebrated John’s upcoming 4th birthday at dinner. He had lots of fun opening his gifts from Nana and Papa. The Cars flashlight was his favorite.

Tuesday we were sad to see them leave right after breakfast. But we will be in the Denver area soon for another visit.

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