Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Family Visit

Last week John's sister, Kendal, and her husband, Johnny, drove down from Canon City to visit and go to lunch with us. John has two older sisters and one younger brother. We don't see them often, so it was good to have Johnny and Kendal come. Years ago, when we all had young children, we camped with them often. Those memories are among our fondest. We didn't camp in state parks much back then, so Johnny and Kendal had never been to Lathrop State Park. After chatting outside our trailer, we drove them around the park to see this great place we have been living since late April. Then we drove into Walsenburg and ate at the Iron Horse Restaurant. We had heard their lunches were good, and we all enjoyed our meal a lot.

This is our last week here. We only have two days off because of the July 4 weekend. Apparently, since July 4 is on Saturday, many people have Friday off for the holiday. That means they will come to the park on Thursday evening. The Camp Store will be open Thursday evening, all day Friday and Saturday, and Sunday morning. That means one extra five-hour shift for me. Saturday evening there will be a fireworks show in the parking lot of the hospital across the road from the park. We will leave here on Tuesday morning.

We will miss several things about Lathrop--especially the birds singing, the lakes, the wildflowers, our RV site, and the people with whom we have worked.

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  1. I have just been catching up with your blog. You have been having a lovely time with family and friends. It has been a good stay at the Park.

    As one who is rooted in one place, I find people who easily move on to another place and another adventure interesting.