Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Running at the County Fair

Saturday we attended the Wasco County Fair in Tygh Valley. The highpoint of the morning was the run we competed in. We each won our division—5K for men and for women in the 60-69 year age group. Never mind we were the only people in that age group! One woman who is 72 competed in the 5K walk. Otherwise, we were the oldest people there. We had a great time. John ran his race in 30 minutes 26 seconds; I did mine in 35 minutes 38 seconds. This race was much better organized than the one we participated in during the Astoria Scandinavian Festival. And we each have a new shirt to show for our efforts. Thanks to our oldest granddaughter, Kylie, for getting me started in this.

In addition to running and walking divisions in the 3K, 5K and 10K divisions, there were also goat and canine divisions. Since this was at the county fair, the goat division really made sense.

We try to run (jog) three miles, three times a week, whether we are at the house in Colorado or on the road. I always seem to run faster on the track at the gym in Colorado. But I was really encouraged after Saturday's event. I was more relaxed and able to run a little faster than the past two times we have competed. I haven't figured out why I am uptight at a race. I don't care if I come in last, or even how fast I go. Just that I can do it. And Saturday it was much more comfortable than in the past. We'll have to find another one soon.

The Wasco County Fair is fun. There are 4H exhibits in livestock, cooking, crafts, etc.; adult crafts and fine arts and cooking exhibits, as well as commercial booths. This pig and her piglets were a treat to watch.

They have rodeos, a parade and a demolition derby. The fairgrounds include a large RV park and campground, so many people come and spend the weekend. We enjoy attending local and state fairs when we can. Last fall we were able to attend the Arizona State Fair. This is one way we are able to see how the locals live and enjoy life.

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