Sunday, August 03, 2008

Partner Receives His Own Mail

            One of our cats now has his own discount prescription card!  When it comes in the mail, it will be addressed to Partner Cat Andrews.  A first—neither of our cats has received mail in the past. 


I reported in an earlier blog about Partner's trip to the animal hospital in Astoria because of constipation.  We had to repeat that in early July while we were staying in White Salmon, Washington.  This time he was only in one night.  They sent him home with two prescriptions, one for a laxative, the second for something that helps his innards work faster.  One prescription has to be filled through a pharmacy that only serves animals.  So that one comes in the mail.  The second we filled at the local pharmacy.


            It has now been a month and we had to refill that second prescription.  We decided to move it to Walgreens, since thos stores are available almost everywhere we go.  When we went in to pick it up, they told us we could get a prescription discount card for Partner, or one for the whole family.  Not needing one ourselves, we applied only for Partner.  The card gives us almost half off on a medication that costs $20 per month.  The $20 card will pay for itself in just over two monthly refills.


            So soon we will receive in the mail a discount card for Partner Cat Andrews.  We're grateful for the discount, but can't help laughing at the idea of his receiving his own mail and a card that brings rewards on other purchases at Walgreens.  Not bad for an old man—in cat years he is 85.


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