Monday, August 04, 2008

Bossie the Cow

A week ago or so we were sitting outside late in the afternoon, having a drink. When it was time to come inside to prepare dinner, I turned around and saw Bossie the cow (isn't that what Mama Cow is always named?) munching grass in our front yard. She was on the wrong side of the fence. Her calf and all the other cows were in the pasture, she was in our yard.

John opened the gate and I tried to shoo her that way. Instead, she ran right by me the other way. Another reason we won't buy our own ranch. A couple of hours later she was back. Again, when John opened the gate she went the other way. One and one-half hours later she wandered through our yard, eating dry grass.

After that, we didn't see her again. She must have found her way back into the pasture. That's good because John and I aren't much good at herding cattle.

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