Monday, October 07, 2019

Santa Fe, Then Home

We have been busy settling in at our winter home in Gold Canyon so I haven't posted a blog for quite a while.  Our last major stop before coming here was in  Santa Fe, one of our favorite cities.

This fellow marks the entrance to Burro Alley, a narrow street lined with shops.

This is another narrow street, or alley, with shops and a restaurant.

The covered sidewalk along the side of the Governor''s Palace has long been where native American artists have offered their wares.  Many of them were selling jewelry.

I love the building style in Santa Fe.

Many of the sidewalks are covered, providing some shade for both pedestrians and the shops in the buildings.


The metal backs on several benches on the square are ornate, though not necessarily comfortable.

This small patio has displays from the surrounding shops.  They sure provide lots of decoration.

We did lots of shopping--or at least looking--but no buying during our visit to Santa Fe.  We enjoy the sights and sounds of the downtown area but we have been to Santa Fe and Taos numerous times over the years.  And we could buy many of the same things in Arizona, if we were interested. 

After a couple of hours on the Plaza, we went grocery shopping and returned to the RV.  The next day it was on to Holbrook, then the B-Line highway to Gold Canyon.

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