Thursday, March 07, 2019

Who Knew?!?

We sure didn't. Only one room in our Arizona winter home has carpet--a very pale beige. It has gotten very dirty in the four a half years we have spent in it and we decided to pull it out and have  Northern Pine Pergo flooring installed. When the order was ready at Lowe's, we had them load the materials in the bed of our pickup. We stored it there in our driveway until today when the installers arrived.

In preparation of the work, we emptied all the books out of the bookcases and the drawers out of the dressers, as well as moving the mattress and box springs into our living room.

This is what our living room looked like when we heard the news.

We both work with wood--John making pens and doing scroll saw projects, I doing first intarsia and now turning bowls. But we had no idea that wood flooring must be stored at the same temperature it will be used for several days before installation.  When we ordered the product, when we picked it up and when they called to schedule the installation, no one said a word about that.

It was only this morning when the installers drove up and John showed them the flooring that we learned about the need for temperature control.

This is what our bedroom looked like when we moved out the books.

This is what the bedroom looks like now--and will look like till Monday morning before we clean it out again. I will put sheets, comforter and pillows on the bed.

And this is what is still stored in the living room.

Hopefully, everything will go smoothly Monday.

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