Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Catching Up

Last month we had a going-away gathering for a couple on our street who have sold their casita.  Four other houses on the street are also for sale. We really enjoy our neighbors and are sorry to see things change. But I think that is what happens in resort communities especially with senior citizens.

We keep busy doing our weight training in the exercise room, walking for exercise, and creating in our workshop. John produced an amazing intarsia eagle in January and has been using the scroll saw to cut out Christian sayings. They are very pretty. I have been turning some bowls with mixed success. Finally, one turned out well this week. Hopefully, more will be created soon.

Our house was in a royal mess from last Wednesday through yesterday afternoon. We had the carpet taken out of the bedroom and new wood laminate installed. That means removing all of the furniture including 2 bookcases, 2 bedside tables, a painted chest, a chest of drawers and the bed. They were all moved into the rest of the house. We could hardly walk from room to room.

Now, we are back together.

Sunday we attended the annual deadenders and loopers party. Strange name, right? One street in our resort is a dead end. The next street--where we live--loops around off another street. We have been getting together every spring since we moved it. This year, a caterer smoked a full pig and, for the second time, there was a band so people could dance. We talked for several hours to neighbors we already knew and others we hadn't met yet. It was a noisy but fun evening with excellent food from both the caterer and the potluck dishes the rest of us contributed.

Bob and Jean's grandson was learning to line dance.


  1. Looks like the Bedroom Floor turned out nicely.
    Looks like everyone Enjoyed the Farewell Party including the Grandson.
    You both did a nice job on your Wood Creations.
    Hopefully the weather will be more cooperative soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was about time and the weather has finally warmed up! Yea!