Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Visiting Ouray

After going to Telluride, I said we would not visit Ouray on a Saturday. So, what did we do? Last Saturday we drove to the mining town of Ouray. But this time we got an earlier start. After walking the streets, appreciating the Victorian architecture and having lunch, we drove out of town just as the streets were beginning to fill up. In fact, we were so early most of the restaurants hadn't opened for lunch when we were ready to eat. We had to wait for the Timberline Deli to open before we could order our sandwiches. The early bird may have to wait for the worm but it beats the crowds.

The drive to Ouray could be just as beautiful as that to Telluride if it weren't for the haze caused by forest fires in Oregon and Montana.

We happen to enjoy old carriages, especially when they were once a funeral home hearse. This really beautifully restored one was parked in a garden along the main street.

Ouray was once a prosperous town and many ornate buildings were constructed.  These first two photos show the Elks Club.  Sorry, no RV campground at this one.  But the stained glass windows are great.

The surrounding mountains are a good backdrop to these structures.

We rarely buy anything when we go shopping in gift shops. But I do get inspired when I see wonderful turned vases and bowls.

It was a good way to spend a Saturday (of Labor Day Weekend, no less) morning.

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