Saturday, February 25, 2017

Water and Frisbee and Sailboats

Since John had a clergy retreat in Prescott this week, we took the trailer and spent a couple of nights in Point of Rocks RV Campground. We were right next to Watson Lake and the Granite Dells.  It is a beautiful place to walk.

In addition to several fishing boats and canoes, we saw this tiny sailboat on the lake.  It is entirely wind-driven but a radio-controlled motor changes the angles of the sails and the rudder to direct where the boat goes.

We see radio-controlled airplanes in a number of the parks we stay in and there is fierce competition with radio-controlled race cars in our resort.  This was our first time to see sailboats like this.

The Prescott park next to Watson Lake also has a Frisbee golf course.  A number of young men and women were playing the day we were down there.

While John attended the retreat, I stayed at the trailer, using my computer and walking. Prescott calls its trail system the mile high trail because of the elevation there. The low Thursday morning when we prepared to return to Gold Canyon was only 28 degrees.  We were glad to get back to a (slightly) warmer part of Arizona.

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