Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Music and Lunch

Sometimes it is difficult to blog because we aren't doing anything different or interesting. I can only write about walking 10,000 steps a day so many different ways. Sometimes it is difficult to blog because we are so busy I don't have time to write at the end of the day. That has been the problem in the past few days. John's sister Cindy flew in Wednesday last week and his sister Kendal and husband John flew in Friday. We were gone almost non-stop for five days. We had such a good time, but I was too busy and tired to blog. Now I am a week behind here and have to try and remember the details of what we did. Thank heavens for the pictures we took.

The Musical Instrument Museum was our destination Friday morning. We have been there once before and you can read about it here. The museum is huge and we didn't have the time or energy to explore all the galleries on that visit. Two areas we missed were the American and Arizona exhibits. This time we spent a lot of time there, as well as the European section.

We saw lots of guitars and other stringed instruments.

This is a keyed guitar.

Each museum visitor is given headphones. You stand in front of a screen and hear the music being performed--Bluetooth I imagine.

We saw all kinds of bagpipes.

We had a great lunch in the Allegro CafĂ©.  Notice we all had sweet potato fries with our sandwich.  You can see part of the beautiful grounds through the windows.

In the Arizona section we learned that there is a school of luthiery in the state. Luthiery is making wooden stringed instruments.

I wasn't aware of the fact Alice Cooper got his start in Arizona.

One section looked at the Blues and the fact that many early Blues artists used home-made instruments.  Here we see a jug, an ice bucket guitar and a cigar box guitar.

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