Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Checking on Escapees

On our way to Laughlin we stopped for one night at the North Ranch Escapees park in Congress. We had been there once before, 7 years ago, and weren't impressed. We were impressed this visit. Did we change or have they made a lot of improvements? We don't know. But the park is very nice. John would enjoy it more than me. I wouldn't like to be in such a remote location.

The park has three rows of short term RV sites, nothing but gravel and full hookups. But it was good for an overnight stay. Obviously some people come for longer stays. The rest of the park is a collection of sticks and brick houses, manufactured housing and RV lots with small casitas. The whole park is neat and clean and well landscaped.

These are two of the sticks and brick houses.

Here are a couple of the manufactured homes with RVs on the lot, too.

Since were were there early in the season, many of the RVers hadn't returned for the winter. Here are two RV lots that are well landscaped but no RV in sight.

North Ranch is one of the Escapees parks that provides RV weighing. We had our Mobile Suites 5th wheel weighed at a rally several years ago and wanted to see how we were doing with this trailer. The 5th wheel weighed less than the limit for the trailer and truck. We hoped that was true this time, too. We could always stop at a CAT Scale in a truck stop as we travel, but the Smart Weigh program done at Escapees parks also checks the side to side weights on each wheel, not just the axle weight.

We were happy to learn we are again underweight. However, there is an issue with weight distribution. We had a weight distributing hitch installed when we bought the Airstream. We had a 1 ton dually truck then but quickly traded that in on a 3/4 ton single rear wheel. In fact, we already owned the 3/4 ton truck but needed the 1 ton to bring the 5th wheel to the dealer to move our stuff. We learned the hitch it putting more weight on the rear truck axle than the front. That lifts the front axle and limits steering and braking efficiency. We will have the hitch readjusted next week then return to North Ranch to have the weight checked again. There was a $55 charge for the first weighing. The second time to check changes made only costs $20.

Residents have laid out a great Saguaro Garden with paths through the desert plants. Many of them are identified with signs.

 Notice the bird's nest in this cholla cactus.  We saw several of these.

This is Methusalah, a large saguaro in the garden.

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