Wednesday, November 02, 2016

A Great Outing

Our trailer remodel passed muster when we took it to Laughlin, NV, last weekend to attend a BBQ cookoff. We found the new recliners, storage and table meet our needs. We are really glad we had the work done.

There is lots to share about the trip but it has taken me a while to begin blogging. That is because not everything about the trip was great. We get our internet with a Verizon 4LTE Jetpack. We just upgraded the device and I hadn't taken the time to change the name and password on it. Not a good idea. Monday I checked how much data we had used in the first 4 days to the billing cycle. I was shocked to see 12G of data had been used! When I looked at how it was used, I saw it included streaming video and chatting. We don't do that. I called Verizon and all they could suggest is making sure I changed the security and the password. We have to eat the data!! You can bet I changed the jetpack settings. I also sprang for 10 extra gigs of data for the month.

The next day I wasn't able to sign in to that wifi signal on my computer. I could connect with John's iPad and our phones but not the laptop. A call to Geek Squad technicians didn't resolved it so I made an appointment to go into Best Buy on Tuesday. The fix was simple. Thank heavens I could go online later yesterday. So here I am, beginning to blog about our travel last Thursday and Friday.

Lesson of the day (or weekend), change the security on your wifi device as soon as you bring it home.

The scenery between Gold Canyon and Laughlin is beautiful and varied. First we had to deal with the traffic as we drove through Phoenix.

I didn't realize that Joshua Trees grew in Arizona. I thought they were only found in southeastern California. Wrong. There are a lot of them on the Joshua Tree Parkway between Congress, AZ, and Laughlin.

The desert and mountains along the way changed from one section to another but it was all beautiful.

(Barb, doesn't this look like a fist with a thumb up?)

There was a lot more that was interesting about this trip. But we knew right away we will be taking more short trips during our winter in Arizona. There is just so much to see.

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  1. I had the same problem last year with my hotspot. I turn my off and on EVERY time I use it. I like Verizon but they have not fixed the issue. They charged me the the extra $20 but then reimbursed it. We use to use about 5 GB a month, now we are at 12-15! I still think it is a Verizon issue. great to hear you are loving the changes to your RV. it is fun to take mini trips.