Sunday, June 19, 2016

Our real trouble began June 4 when the front hydraulic legs wouldn't hold up the trailer. This is how we looked until June 13 when we traded in the Mobile Suites for the Airstream. That red truck in front of our truck and RV is Eric's/

Once we knew what we were moving into, we started packing boxes to ship back to Arizona

and bagging the stuff that would go into the Airmstream. That would make it quicker when we moved to the new RV.

These two photos give an good comparison of the size different between the Mobile Suites and the Airstream.

Here are some interior shots of the space we were moving out of.

And these show where we are now.


  1. Sorry for your frustrating experience; your desire to simplify is completely understandable. We went the other way, from a fiver to a MH. Hardly simplification, but we happened to get a dependable jewel of a rig. Here's hoping your experience in your nice new Airstream will be very rewarding.

  2. I just can't imagine. Although we keep saying we should downsize since we're no longer full timers.

    1. It's not so hard, once you get started. But I'm not sure you have much more space than we do in the Airstream. Maybe more basement storage.