Sunday, June 05, 2016

Jello vs Concrete

RVers talk a lot about their plans being made in jello--they can be changed whenever we want or need to do so. That's all well and good, but personally I prefer plans made in concrete. I like to plan our travels months ahead, make reservations where and when necessary, and then carry out those plans. Not this summer.

We had reservations that covered most of the time from May 3 when we left our casita in Gold Canyon, AZ, through June 26 and four nights in September as we started back south to Arizona. As you have read here, the problems with our hydraulic leveling system have made drastic changes in our plans. So far we have been unable to make it to two of our reservations. We have made plans to travel to Indiana to have repairs made in early July, so I have cancelled two of our July reservations.

Since my last blog post we have had even more problems with the level-up system. The front of the RV started drifting down fairly quickly. Now, we are staying hooked up to the truck, using it to hold up the front end of the Mobile Suites. We'll see how everything goes. Taking the RV with us everywhere is rather a pain (to say the least).

Stay tuned to find out if we will drown in this jello or find some firm footing for our plans. Will we go to Indiana for repairs or buy a new RV? We don't know yet.

Some parts of jello are really quite pleasant. This weekend we are near Canon City to visit John's sister and brother and their families. We discovered that John's great nephew is being married tomorrow and they asked John to bless the marriage. What an honor to be asked to be part of their lives.


  1. Wow! This should never happen to such nice people. I guess it's out of warranty although it seems like you just got it. I think I'd call the company and ask for the president. Explain all the problems you've had. I don't see you threatening to sue, but maybe they'll tell you where to take it and offer to pay. One can only hope. Good luck

  2. so sorry to hear about all your problems with the RV. Stuff happens but way too much Stuff is happening in your world. Good luck with your journey.

  3. I'm a planner and like to have reservations, haven't really winged it yet. Sorry to hear you're still have issues with the rv, stuff seems to happen clumps. On the bright side you got to attend your great nephew's wedding.