Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Doesn't It Look Good?

The one thing we were missing in our workshop was cabinets. We had lots of stuff, much of it in tool boxes and tool bags, sitting on the lower shelf of the workbench. If we could put that away in cabinets, we would have room for supplies and, eventually, more power tools on that lower shelf. Saturday, we picked up the cabinets from Lowe's Home Improvement. Monday, Conrad came to install the cabinets. He works for Cabinet Masters, a company that contracts with Lowe's to install the cabinets they sell.

He does the work alone. Look at the cool supports he has to hold up the cabinets until he can screw them into the wall. You can see them in the photo above and in this one.

He had numerous tools ready on our work bench.

One at a time, the cabinets were hung on the walls.

He not only screwed them onto the wall, he screwed one cabinet to the next and adjusted the hinges so the doors hung correctly.

Don't they look great? Three hang above the workbench, one over the sink, next to the washer-dryer.

After we put everything away in the cabinets, our workbench went from looking like this

to this.

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